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A celebration of a creativity and style, are the carpets & floorings offered by Vasisht Agencies. Today, Vasishts are the leading market players as the distributors & dealers of Non-woven Carpets, Vinyl Floorings, Wooden Floorings, Vertical & Venetian Blinds, and Awnings.


"From ordinary to extraordinary, we shall rekindle your interiors with the magic of our creativity".
Established with an ambition to provide the most reliable and high quality solutions, with the supply and distribution of carpets and floorings; Vasishts Agencies began their journey in the realm of excellence. Our solutions encompass every industry and every requirement! We have been receiving an overwhelming response that certifies our outspoken standard of services.

We offer

      Nonwoven carpets: are available under the popular brands of CHARMS, CALSSIC AND UNITEX.

      Vinyl flooring: from the houses of LG, KRISHNA VINYL and MARVEL.

      Imported Wooden flooring: from Krono Swiss, Vista Levolor and Pergo

      Drapery Rods, Blinds and Awnings: Available from Vista-Levlor

Special services......

Our solutions worthwhile!! We provide carpets, floorings and mattings for outright sale. We are recognized for our timeliness and quality that match with global standards

Our esteemed team ascends with aspirations to expand further and explore new horizons. We aspire to upgrade our management system, that would ensure timely delivery and high quality. We plan to enhance our crew and synchronize with international standards

Product Features

Original Design



       No fibre-shedding

       Luxurious texture

       Durable and amazingly affordable

Exhibitions and Fairs

Vasishts are one of the largest Bulk suppliers for carpets/floorings in exhibitions on all India Basis with establishments in Delhi, Mumbai & Bangalore. Vasishts are authorized contractors for Confederation of Indian Industries (CII), India Trade Promotion Organization (ITPO) and other leading big organizations in the Exhibition Industries

Non Woven carpets, Coir mattings can be provided and maintained by us during the exhibition both on outright sale & rental.


We have a very prestigious client base in India and we aspire to cater beyond the contours of our domestic business circuit. We take pride to be recognized as one of the leading and largest carpet suppliers to various Industrial houses, Govt. offices, Govt. Institutions and Private Establishments across the country. We are registered with C.P.W.D. for catering to the govt. departments for their requirements.


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